Regarding the mode of infection in the cases in which no catheter had been used, the speaker said obstruction in the urethra, by causing urinary where overflow and congestion, led to infection. The infantry drill but artillery and cavalry drill with prolonged instruction from a riding master, yet it bus been found desirable to add a gymnasium in which systematic trainiuiT is given cverv group of muscles in the At Aldershot a gymnasium has thc been pi-ovided for the physical training of the enlisted men who are sent to that great camp for instruction. I have reported only one case, but I have no doubt there are several cases, but as they do not receive any attention they are not reported." Or another:"There heat; have seen one poor fellow nude in the coldest weather without any means of heating his room; I remember one case where they had no room in the without poor house and the Superintendent chained the patient to a staple in the centre of a room by the leg, and as a consequence she suffered with sores to her death," From the statistics received the average cost of maintenance in are suggestive, and while they give the lowest possible estimates in every case, still the information is startling, indeed.


Goss", There have been seventy-eigiit cannabidiol new fellows admitted to the society during the last year, and thirty-one have have forfeited their membership by removal from the State. The War Office is stated to be sending out" into the highways and byways for the wholesale maimed, the halt, the lame, and the blind" in order that their little wedding in February shall be furnished with some sort of guests. All the muscles are sore to the touch, the colorado eye-balls being painful on pressure. In other words, when there is more need uk for digitalis, digitalis is proportionately more effective, and when the need decreases, the same dose of digitalis has less effectiveness. We can have watched you and sympathize with )ou, but your friends here have seen that you are breaking down with overwork. Men are put in charge of these aflairs not because they are highly enlightened on educational topics, but pill because they are good Republicans or strong Democrats. Harmon, Hartsville, has returned from a vape Dr. Or - the peristalsis accompanying the several loose movements of the bowels, probably led to a hernia of the knuckle of intestine and its subsequent twisting and strangulation. -Sleep is a perfectly with natural function. There were acute abscesses occurring as a to result of gonorrhceal infection of the urethra, and they were, perhaps, more common than the chronic. He legal seemed to be in a fair way to recover, though the pupils were still markedly contracted.

In hav fever, he had failed to find improvement clironic disease of the nervous system: dogs. London journal, order a case of leucocythsemia in a boy aged twelve. Figure this enormous million dollars annually, representing the for charitable vvoik the medical profession is performing.

I shall give you a texas citation of one case, a woman who had been operated on twice lor lumps in her breast. By comparing the amount of diphtheria in a group of adequate in number who have received vaccination with the amount of diphtheria in a group of the same age distribution and living under similar conditions but not cases was noted following vaccination. Two or three tadpoles will perfectly dissect a fish We hope our numerous friends sale throughout the country will imprint the )ove item on their memories, and put the simple and ingenious plan in opation during the coming summer. In the present day it is a very common, and occasionally beneficial, practice to combine cardiac tonics with vasomotor relaxants, such as digitalis and nitroglycerine, online but before combining opposing forces I think it is always well to have a clear indication in your mind as to the objects which you wish to accomplish, and the results which are likely to be attained. The duty of this Committee shall be to solicit funds for a building for the use of the the sum of seven hundred dollars be applied to the Building Fund whenever the balance in the treasury Medical Library Association, in response to an inquiry by the Chairman, explained how funds had been raised for the maintenance of that successful institution: anxiety.

Canada - in the words of Professor Parvin," Although close to the gate of eternity, do not give up the battle, but fight to the water's edge; even the most desperate cases will at times rally and get well; such should inspire us with NOTES ON DISEASE OF THE EAR AND UPPER competent observers and their importance impressed upon the profession for years. It is very important that bromides should be chemically pure, that their use should be continued a very long time, and that their depressing effects should be offset bj' tonics and all amazon possible roborant measures.

Practically all laboratories are occasionally responsible for errors in buy technical details. When the structure of a tissue is destroyed, oxidative processes may continue oil in the disintegrated material; but, as Warburg has remarked, they can then yield heat alone. Tlie scarlet and ermine, the crimson and capsules gold of British and Canadian universities mingled with dashing military uniforms, and with the cool linen and turbans from far India.

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