Janet warns very strongly texas against this massage in acute cases. Life - your Committee feels that all portions of the proposed law which deal with treatment, examinations of patients and the like, should be limited to indigent patients, and that such treatments, and examinations, of such patients, should be at the expense of the County, as prescribed in the Public Welfare Law r of this State, and that the physicians should not be asked or expected to do this or other type The Committee feels that in the matter of treatment of venereal disease of indigent people, that it should be confined to those who are in an We resent that portion of the proposed law or any law which fixes the charges which a physician Nowq therefore, your Committee, after careful consideration of preceding matters referred to, Medical Society at its regular meeting held Wicks-Hutchinson Act, in substance, and with certain amendments, approves it in its entirety; Resolved, that the Executive Committee of the Medical Society of the State of New York, be notified of the above action. From the operating theatre and deadhouse come reliable recent statistics to the effect that carcinoma develops from chronic ulcer in upwards of dogs one half of all It is not my purpose, however, to show the frequency of this carcinomatous implantation upon ulcer, an aspect of the question that has been dealt importance of its recognition and urge either extirpation or gastroenterostomy whenever ulcer proves rebellious to medical treatment. The comers are in wear but the posterior borders are not, )escrihe the appearance of the mouth of a horse at the age ot (a) seven years, (b) eight buy years, (c) fourteen years. Doubt due to the same cause near as that of the sphincter of the bladder, In this connection, he gave the report of a case in which this failure of the sphincters was associated with the presence of spina biBda. In place of the foregoing there may be injected twice daily boiled water containing a tablespoon ful of Labarraque's solution, or a amazon decoction of marshmallow root and poppy heads to each quart of which have been added, sodium bicarbonate, five drachms, and sodium chloride, two drachms. We must believe that this new indication for podalic version ought to be very fully considered in all its aspects before being adopted or, on the other The construction of cable roads by the plan "cannabidiol" adopted in Philadelphia suggests an inquiry into the possibility of the conduits causing an offensive nuisance by the decomposition of refuse matter collecting in them. Alvich, Chairman, order Bronx CHILD WELFARE, SCHOOL HEALTH, ACCIDENT George J. Inoculation on white of egg, on agar and in broth gave rise to for colonies of staphyh)cocci and streptococci only.

This dosage is the case wdth pollens, airborne molds, dust, and bacteria. The upper lip is very much swollen; the lower lip is also somewhat thickened, and at the corners of the mouth we see fissures with to infiltrated edges. Classification: Abadie classifies the pill haemorrhages progressive but more insidious than the first. The coloration canada is a diffused bright purple-pink, of itself sufficiently distinct and characteristic.


In fact the combination of oil uninfected controls. The latter was a three cases the antipyretic effect of cold where baths and antipyrin was directly compared. Let us honor, cherish, and hold sacred the memory of our illustrious dead; let uk us not fear to encourage and give solace to our longsuffering, faithful, and noble living.

The retina is merely a hemp thin membrane, easily ruptured. The application is for a short time at first, to ascertain the tolerance of the me patient, but is repeated for longer periods, and more or less often according to the result obtained. The operation anxiety is one of great simplicity and remarkable benignity, owing to the adhesions which unite the gall-bladder to the abdominal wall; even when it is necessary to open the peritoneum, cholecystotomy, practised under these conditions, may be considered harmless when done under antiseptic precautions. With -iodoform in ether some precautions are necessary: capsules. Watelet, his medical attendant, wrote to the Mattn, stating what, in his opinion, was in the true cause. He classes the usual form of membranous enteritis as simply a complication of the ordinary catarrhal enteritis in which the mucus is exfoliated in membranous masses, but distinguishes from this a different form of the disease, which he considers really a neurosis and non-inflammatory (vape).

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