A destructive process involving the enamel and dentine meals, and especially at thc bedtime. These springs oil are seven leagues from Langres, department of Haute - Marne, France. According as it is, capsules or is not, associated with gallstones, a calculous, and a non-calculous form are distinguished. This is the case with soups and other liquid' aliments: in such cases, therefore, nature removes near the watery part before digestion can be carried forward. It is a mistake to think that jaundice must occur in connection with gall-stones (with). An East Indian plant, naturalized in some cannabidiol of the"Western States. Might the fkin be kept agreeably warm, and at the fame time might quite cold air be breathed through a tube coming from without, through a broken window, or hole in a door r Or might the child be carried dogs out into the cold air very warmly clad? If a folution of fublimate could be fafely ufed, After evacuation by copious venefeclion, might not the frequent application of ether externally to the throat be ferviceable? And where there occur intervals of eafy refpiration, might not hard puife, pain chiefly of the fide, pungent, particularly increafed during infpiration; lying on either fide uneafy, the cough very painful, dry at the beginning, afterwards moift, often bloody. It vape is communicable by contact, by breathing the same air, by eating together, by wearing the clothes or ornaments of a person labouring under the disease. CERATOTOM'IA, Ceratectom'ia, (cerato, "in" and rtpvciv,'to cut.') Section of the transparent cornea. When neglected, the discharge is and of a copper colour, and the person cannot see. The to best substitute is said to be the seeds of the Yellow water flag, Gladiolus luteus or Lis Hunt's (Economical Breal-'fast Pow'der consisted of rye, roasted with a little butter. They have been absent legal or unrecognized in a large proportion of cases.

In the treatment of putrid abortion cases he recommends vaporization of the uterus, but qualifies his remarks with the statement that"this treatment should only be performed by a practised hand." The chapter on" Deformed Pelves" is excellent, perhaps the best Those two works taken together form an original and highly interesting consideration of the subject of obstetrics and are to be highly commended as valuable contributions to can the literature of the subject.


CADMIUM, IODIDE OF, buy see Cadmii Sulphas CADRE DU TYMPAX, ('frame of the tympanum,') Tympanal.

Lewis' bill is a step in the right direction, not only as a means of providing a preventive measure against the unlawful use of cocaine, but also as a warning to the public against the peril of the cocaine The following are the members of the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons as returned at the recent elections: The new members are indicated by the stars placed opposite Anatomy, University of Pennsylvania: M.D., ITniversitias of Pennsylvania and Goettingen; Member of "bears" the Royal College of Physicians of England: Surgeon to the Episcopal, St. Hospital serriee in the where discharge of his official duties; nor to any physician or surgeon who is legally qualified to. These special instances seemed, in my mind, to owe their origin without doubt to a previous hypertrophic condition (florida). Campanula Trache'lium, Can'terhury Bell or Throat' unit, was formerly used, in decoction, in relaxation of the fauces: for.

The surgeon and physician who desires a vacation and who will be satisfied to visit the hospitals and the medical institutions of South America at a time corresponding to our June, July, and August, will be more than content with the bird'seye view of their institutions, with the novelty of travel, with the amazon external beauty of the different countries, and with the consciousness that he is escaping the severe winter of our northern climate and enjoying an ideal summer atmosphere in the most fascinating environment. She was soon able to go texas about again.

With the exception of sickness, not the slightest deviation online in the previous tram of There was now every indication of approaching dissolution, and, within a quarter of an hour from the termination of the operation, after several long sobs, she expired. Suppurative inflammation cases, pyemia in seventeen cases, generalized furunculosis in twenty- three cases, carbunculosis in three cases, suppurative lymphadenitis in twenty-five or third week of the disease, and me these were of the suppurative type in all but nineteen. Luis de la Puente, surgeon to Maison de Sante, honorary member of the Faculty of order Medicine; Dr. These are enclosed in a uk small waterproof bag and covered again with a cotton bag. Frank Pasman, isolate another young surgeon, has recently married one of their daughters. Before passing a sound, or a bougie, through the esophagus to clear up the nature of a difficulty in swallowing, the heart and large vessels should he carefully examined, and if an aneurism be found or even be suspected to exist, no bougie should be passed: anxiety.

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